It may be winter in Seattle but we still have a few sunsets left in the beautiful northwest. This was shot with my Canon 24-70 lens zoomed up through my window. Hope you like it!


blue lagoon

I have tons of relatives in France and when I heard that one of my cousins was getting married in July, I immediately thought, “Oh great!  That’s high season!”  So I did my research on the best flights, and by that I mean the cheapest flights, to Paris. Fortunately, I found round-trip tickets for under $1k from Seattle (SEA) to Paris (CDG).  I think booking about 10 months in advance had something to do with it.  Or maybe it was because there was a 7.5 hour layover?! Read More

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll

For those driving towards Gig Harbor, you’ll notice a pair of twin suspension bridges that span the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound in Pierce County, Washington.  Its been some time since we crossed the bridge so we thought we’d update you on the price and how you can better prepare yourself making the trip there and back.  Read More

Oahu for Non-Swimmers

When deciding where to go on vacation, I have a tendency of picking a tropical destination, somewhere with beautiful beaches – like Oahu!  I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, as I dig my feet in the silky sand, eyes transfixed on the beauty of the ocean and its colors of blue, green, and turquoise.  As you can see, I am easily captivated by Oahu’s beaches, not to mention – the “aloha” spirit. Read More

Ever try something so good that you wanted to lick the plate? Well, liquid nitrogen ice cream is just that! Seriously! Combine milk, sugar, vanilla, butter, a sprinkle of salt and the magic ingredient, liquid nitrogen and voilà – out comes the best ice cream known to man.  This is a special treat that you can get served tableside at Bearfoot Bistro. Read more to see the [Video] Read More

Have you ever had that warm, burning sensation when you throw back a shot of tequila, whiskey, rum or any liquid alcohol for that matter? Well… say good-bye to that feeling.  Once you step into the -32C (-25F) Belvedere Ice Room “Home of the coldest vodka tasting room in the world” and take a shot, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about, but don’t worry, the Bearfoot Bistro staff will hook you up with parkas with faux fur to keep your other body parts warm. Read More

Recently, Vancouver has seen an explosion in authentic and some not so authentic ramen shops fill the streets. This gave us the perfect excuse to make a short stop to find the best ramen shop in Vancouver in less than an hour, so how do you go about doing that? Well you ask the locals of course and not just any local, someone who knows food, writes, tweets and does it as a profession so we asked our good friend JoieRead More

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